We have a very simple and precise procedure to work with our customers abroad. Please find all the details below.

Phase 1 : Contact

Please contact us for any inquiry on price, availability, details, quantity or samples, we will send you full detailed information through e-mail.

Phase 2 : Sample making

We can send you quickly any sample of existing product listed in our online catalog.

If you need some samples for a customized product, please send an artwork, draft and/or details. According to the type of product, sample making takes two to three days, but it may be up to ten days for specific requests.

After the production, we will first send you a picture of the sample for approval, then mail it to you if necessary. If it needs some changes then we will make them and show you. If the sample is approved then we move to the third phase.

Please note that sample making is charged according to production time and workmanship. The expedition will also be at your expenses.

Phase 3 : Purchase order

When placing an order, we request you to send us a proper purchase order (PO) with the following information:

  • Address
  • Contact phone number
  • Nearest international airport
  • Product code number (if any)
  • Picture of the product
  • Details (for instance color) and quantity
  • Prices (if already negociated when making the PO)
  • Delivery date (date by when you require the shipment in your premises)

We will then send you a Performa invoice in return for the order confirmation with a request for some advance payment. Please check the quantity, items, and prices. If everything is all right then you can confirm the order by sending 50% to 100% advance payment for the shipment.

After receiving the confirmation of the advance payment, we will start the production and make schedule for the required delivery date.

If you have sent 100% advance, we will ship the order right away. However, if the down payment was only 50% then we request you to send the remaining 50% fees before sending the shipment, so that we will have 100% of your advance payment (Why ? See below)

After receiving the payment we will send you the shipment via courier or cargo depending on your time schedule and requirements. We have our own cargo agent and courier agent,but the shipment charge are at your expenses.

Some important things to note:

Why we need 100% Advance payment before sending the shipment. The customs in Nepal forbid the shipment without advance payment certificate (APC). This APC is issued by our bank when we received the payment, normally received through TT transfer (Bank to bank transfer). The transfer fees from your bank at your expenses and the TT fees for transfer receipt are at our expenses. Should a bank between yours and ours charge anything then it would also be at your expenses.

Pricing and transportation. Normally, during pricing, we give you the price of the product only. This price is not FOB price. For FOB incoterm, there will be an additional 3.5% to 5% cost on the cargo bill depending on the load of the shipment plus service charge for packing, shipment handling, documentation, transportation and customs clearance. If you wish to use your own cargo agent, please inform us so that we can give you FOB costing of the product. In FOB costing, an extra 3.5% to 5% of service charge margin will be included. If the products are ceramics, the FOB margin will raise from 20% to 45% according to the order volume and any possible specific demand.