Folk International Nepal (FIN), established in 2005 and based in Kathmandu, produces a wide variety of textiles and garments. Most of our cloth is hand-woven which enables us to produce customised cloth and garments. Additionally, we use Jacquard looms to produce any pattern or design to order.

The skill of our staff has made FIN the biggest exporter of organza silk in Nepal. Our expertise extends across a wide range of natural and man-made fibres:

  • Pashmina : a type of cashmere spun from the fine fleece of the underbelly of the pashmina goat (changthangi) which is indigenous to the higher altitudes of the Himalaya. Pashmina has a very high warmth to weight ratio and is one of the most luxurious cloths available.
  • Bamboo : produced from bamboo wood pulp, and with astonishing thermal properties, this cloth is not only soft but has a natural anti-bacterial quality which prevents clothes from smelling.
  • Banana : this bast fibre is sustainable and eco-friendly. Although still new to Western countries this cloth always surprises because it has an unexpected fineness and softness.
  • Silk : known for centuries as a luxurious fibre silk is still popular in garments because it is light, warm, and durable.
  • Wool : another traditional natural fibre which provides warmth and comfort. Manufacturers value its versatility in garment production.
  • Cotton : the most popular vegetable fibre used to produce textiles and garments. FIN partners with international designers to produce classic and innovative styles in fabrics and finished garments.
  • Wild nettle : a seldom used fibre in Western countries nowadays, but it is soil-detoxifying and sustainable. Wild nettle cloth has a strong future because it is eco-friendly and has excellent thermal properties.
  • Hemp : a traditional plant used in garment manufacture because it has strong fibres and is easy to process. Hemp is being rediscovered by textile companies that are environmentally aware.

Folk International Nepal is proud to follow the principles of fair trade and is an accredited Fair Trade organisation.